Kidney Stones – Calcium Supplements

Basically when one develops kidney stones in their system, the dietitian will recommend foods that have calcium supplements such as milk, yogurt and cheese. They should be taken under strict guidelines of gender, age, size of the body and the kind of kidney stone that one is suffering from. Nevertheless, It’s a proven fact that men and women who take these foods in large quantities have a lower chance of been affected.

You should watch your intake of proteins from animals and salt as well. Young men who take the prescribed foods above, have a much lower chance of being affected than men who are over sixty years of age. You need to know that when taking these foods, there is oxalate present, which might find its way to the blood but is fortunately exerted from the system in the form of urine.

Did you know that dairy products provide 80% of calcium supplements in the diet? They help in reducing the oxalate level. Therefore, do not avoid these foods as you might cause yourself to suffer bone loss for you who might be suffering from kidney stones and automatically, resorption. Resorption is the breakdown of the bone which discharges calcium into the bloodstream.

So how much should one take? At least 1,200 mg daily. Women who take 20%, have been found to be at a higher risk of developing kidney stones owing to the fact that they may be taking them in the morning, either without food or with breakfast, which are low in oxalate. Chances of developing them are lower if taken after the main meals. People who genetically developed them are advised to reduce their intake of kidney stones calcium supplements for they end up being absorbed by the intestines.